Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter, fun and sun

Spring has passed us by and Summer has landed.  Sunburned and sweaty, I am not the happy camper I should be because it is, frankly, too hot!  80 degrees is too too warm, considering the temperature less than one week ago was in the low 40's.  My tulips are melting.

Easter was fun because we got to hang outside with the kids and play games.

We went from Winter to Summer and have completely stepped over the beautiful Spring weather that we sometimes enjoy.  I mean what the?  Global warming perhaps.

1 comment:

  1. Its going to the mid 90s in Orlando today, way above normal. Now thats hot!!
    No wonder every other house has a pool.
    Fri is going to be really nice though, low 80s and 60s in the night.
    For sure this will be the hottest summer on record(again).
    Get out the flip flops and start making your homemade ice cream. Or head to Alaska.
    Or have a baked Alaska in your A/C dwelling.