Monday, April 4, 2011

FEEDBACK needed: Haggis, chop suey, and fortune cookies?

There is one great advantage to watching the Food Network show, Chopped, learning about foods you never heard of!

Haggis in a can.  The name brings gross thoughts to my mind.  Any kind of meat in a can is gross.

I found out what haggis was while watching the show, and I can assure you, I will NOT be purchasing, cooking, or eating that, unless it was the only food on earth.

One chef on the show thought it was from England, but the chef from England confirmed haggis was from Scotland.   Notice, haggis is NOT from America, which means it tastes nasty.

Any thoughts on what you think haggis is, without looking it up on the web?

What is chop suey and where did it come from?  How about fortune cookies?  Thoughts, comments welcome. 

I will post the answers and some pictures when I get some feedback.  Thank you.  This here is haggis:

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