Monday, April 18, 2011

Good luck in your new career dinner

My daughter is going off to New York for her new career/job.  Since she will be over 5 hours away and we are going to miss her like crazy, I decided to surprise her with a fab farewell dinner.

On the menu for Tuesday, April 19, 2011:
  Shrimp cocktail with homemade cocktail sauce

  Prime rib roast marinated in red wine and garlic, served with homemade creamy horseradish sauce
  Grilled mushrooms and onions in a garlic/parsley olive oil and red wine sauce
  Mashed potatoes
   Fresh steamed asparagus spears in a light brown butter

Fudge Chocolate cake with ganache frosting and fresh sliced strawberries with whip cream.

Sounds pretty delicious to me!

Pics will be posted tomorrow.

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