Monday, January 31, 2011

Must Haves for Your Kitchen

I have found an awesome bouillon alternative--you know those cubes or powder packs of chicken bouillon?

Yuck! Those are all loaded with sodium!  Who needs that?

Where you find soups and broths in your supermarket, you will find these treasured goodies for all your broth, stock, soup,and sauce needs.

Named:  Better Than Bouillon, with Chicken, Beef, Vegetable or Fish bases to choose from you will be saying, "What was I using before this?  Oh yeah, I know, crap!" 
There are 38 servings per jar which is  9.5 quarts.   It is a super concentrated base with 1 teaspoon equaling one cube or 8 oz can of broth.

Vegans: The Better Than Bouillon vegetable base is Certified Vegan (

Read the ingredients in a cube.  The first listed ingredient on any product means it contains more of the first ingredient than all the other ingredients.  Example:  Salt/Sodium--that means there is a lot of salt in that product.

The first ingredient in the vegetable base is:  Vegetables and concentrated vegetables.

Not only lower in sodium, but much fresher and healthier, plus the taste is miles ahead of the "cube".

It is of course, more pricey, but it is worth every penny. Once you try it, you'll know what I mean.
It is awesome just as a quick broth on a cold, snowy day.

A cup of vegetable base, throw in some frozen vegetables, and viola!!!


  1. Thanks for the tip!will look for it.Great job!

  2. Great, once you try that product, you will be addicted to it and not use anything else again.

    It is the quality of a restaurant. When I was a chef at one of the Country Clubs, we used a similar product to make all of our sauces and soups. Excellent quality!