Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need more fiber?

  No one wants to talk about the f word, but well, we are adults.  Well, most of us anyway.  Shockingly about 80% of all Americans do NOT get enough fiber.  As adults we all need 25 to 35 grams a day.  Children need their age plus 5.  Example:  10 year old Johnny would need 15 grams a day.
Twenty five to 35 gms a day means five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day! Not a week!

Thank goodness ketchup is considered a vegetable (or is it a fruit?) or my husband would be SOL.

What does this mean, we have to walk around with a bag full of broccoli, apples, and peaches?  I mean five is doable for sure, but nine?  That does seem excessive.  However, fruit and vegetable juices are a serving each.  So is one small banana, so get a giant banana and go to town.
I wonder where that town is?

Nowadays, you can get two servings of vegetables in Chef Boyardee Ravioli, YEAH!

I say eat some instant oatmeal sprinkled with wheat germ, bananas, and a berry and Voila!  Two servings of fiber from whole grains and two servings of fiber from fruits. You could easily get one half of the 25 grams at breakfast.  Plus don't forget Oats and blueberries are SUPER foods (wheat germ too), they contain lots of antioxidants.
80% of All Americans do NOT get enough fiber.

Eat an apple and orange a day, they are very seasonal now so they are affordable.  Eat a banana at breakfast. Eat a cup of greens for a salad, if you add peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, you are doing quite well.

Don't forget eat beans, but please be aware of those around you (pee-yew).  Eat whole grain bread instead of white, eat the skin of the apple and the potato, the fiber is all in the skin on those!
Vegetable soup is great too.
This yucky winter weather is great for making and eating soups.

I made loaded baked potato soup and creamy lentil soup today.  Last week, I made split pea and escarole with little meatballs. 
If you want any of these recipes, let me know.  The lentil soup is low in fat and calories.

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