Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Winning-est CHILI Of All Time!!!

Well, there is one good thing about living in the northeast area of the country-that is being able to eat hearty, hot, soups, stews, and of course, Chili.  
Who wants to eat spicy chili in hot, humid weather? Ahhhhhh, no.

Now, the original chili does not have beans involved, but I love to add beans to my chili and this year, I will be bringing home 1st prize in a local annual chili cooking contest.

I have entered several contests through the years, and thus far, have always placed second or runner-up.

This year, I will pull out all stops and go crazy on making a chili that will blow the socks off the judges, literally! 
Previously, I have made ground beef and bean chili, white chili, and ground turkey chili.

Tomorrow will be a monumental day, please mark your calendars as this IS THE YEAR, I will win!

I am making it now, 3:00 pm EST. Let the competition begin!!!
Wish me luck (although luck has nothing to do with it!)

Recipe to follow................

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