Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another must have for your kitchen

This is a MUST have for your kitchen.  I own the Maverick Roast Alert/3. It is worth the extra bucks compared to the traditional thermometers out there.  This one cost me $22.00.  The regular 'stick' thermometer cost about $3.00 or $4.00.

The difference is with the Maverick Alert you put the probe into your meat/poultry BEFORE you cook it in the oven. The probe is in the meat and the other plug is in the main unit. (See picture)  You leave the unit outside of the oven and the probe stays in the oven.  No need to open and close the oven door letting out valuable heat.  You set it and forget it!.

There are settings for: Ham, duck, ribs, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, veal, and lamb.
For Beef there are rare, medium rare, medium, and well to choose from.  For poultry, it will automatically read temperature as 180 F -that's the safe temperature for cooked poultry.
It also has separate settings for these GROUND meats:  Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and veal.

There is also one setting in which you can program manually what you need to cook that isn't listed or you want a particular temperature for some food.

It has a timer also and an Alert mode-this is where the unit will beep repeatedly when it is within 10 degrees of done temperature.

I have used this on chicken, turkey, ham, pork, and beef steaks.  The probe end is about 6 inches long to stick into your food, and the "cord" is 36 inches long.   Both probe and cord are safe for oven temperatures.  You just leave the unit out on the counter, or oven door since it has magnets on the back.

Pork is a funny thing, if you over cook it, it dries out.  When I started using this thermometer, I was very impressed , it was and is "Spot On".

Again, plus you DON'T open the oven door, get blasted with hot air in your face, letting the precious heat escape, just to stick in the regular thermometer and wait for the reading. Snooze time.

Any comments or questions, let me know and thanks for reading!

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