Saturday, February 5, 2011

TAPAS or Small Snacks

Tapas are Spanish verb, Tapar, meaning "to cover", but let's call it something better:  Small Snacks.

Also called appetizers in our culture.  These yummy one or two bites are great to serve anytime.
How about the Super Bowl party?  You can make ahead of time, pop into oven for a few minutes, and plate!

If anyone has a request for a particular TAPA, such as chicken, shrimp, vegetable, etc., post a comment and I will post a recipe.  
I am going to post a few recipes for Super Bowl Party Eats today and tomorrow.

Bon Appetit!


  1. Okay, I'd like some suggestions for seafood or beef tapas. It is to accompany a fig and pesto salad with goat cheese crostini. I was even thinking of having a shrimp cocktail with it but wanted something different...any ideas?

  2. Do you want to use shell fish or any seafood? Cause I posted the one tapa with salmon, asparagus tips, and thinly sliced artichokes on puff pastry squares.

    I made these for snacks for the Super Bowl, and they were great. Light, fluffy, bright, seasonal,and delicious!

    I made a shrimp cocktail app but I wanted something other than the usual red cocktail sauce. I made a roasted tomatillo cocktail sauce.

    I'll post some other ideas too!