Thursday, June 2, 2011

sorry I have been away

Just a quick note that I have been in the hospital with what I thought was major, but turned out to be minor, in a manner of speaking.  I have been putting in brutal hours at work and with the heat wave, it's been really hard.
I woke up with irregular heartbeat, dehydrated, exhausted and very light headed.  My hubby insisted I go to the emergency room, which I did.  My EKG was perfect, I was hooked up to fluids for my dehydration and given medicine for the vertigo I have been experiencing.  I need to be on bed rest for a few days and avoid any kind of   strenuous activity, which means my work.  I have to quit, it's the only option when it comes to my health.

I will take care of myself, for once!  I will be back posting here very soon.  Thanks for understanding


  1. Usually the vertigo is a component symptom of the dehydration and it will disappear when you get your electrolytes back in balance. Good news is that it's minor and you'll be fine!Better news is that you will be taking care of yourself!! Hope you feel better fast! Good for your hubby on insisting that you get looked at too!!

  2. thanks for the comment Hap, I appreciate it. The vertigo did go away once I had the IV fluids pumped into me.